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Lisa's goal as a Sexual Health Educator is  to provide individuals with knowledge, skills and tools to support them in making healthy sexual choices



Lisa Perizzolo Sexual Health Educator
Lisa Perizzolo, M.Ed SHEC


Workshop for Adults

Parents or guardians are the primary sex educators of their children's life. This workshop focuses on empowering and coaching adults on topics of sexual health, current trends, and to develop skills through hand on activities.

Workshop for Educators

Teaching sexual health can be overwhelming and uncomfortable for many teachers. This customized workshop supports educators to become an askable, educator, youth worker, counsellors etc. with knowledge and tools on sensitive topics of sexual health.

Workshops for Young Minds

Workshops are customized to provide accurate and age appropriate information. Children will be supported and involved with educational and inclusive activities to develop confident and self-aware individuals that can make healthy sexual choices.

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