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"fun"...."amazing"...."informative"...."loved the speaker"..."lots of resources" Grade 8 Students - 2017

"Can't wait for her to come back....Why do we have wait until next semester?....That was great!!." Grade 9 Student -2017

"Lisa was incredibly supportive of the studnet's questions and responses. I would definitely recommend her to other group events." Teacher (Customized workshop for SOGI Club) -2017

"It was easy to talk with her despite the topic being uncomfortable. She made it easy and it was easy to follow." Grade 9 Student -2017
"Thank you for teaching and talking to us about this topic. Explanation was great." Grade 10 Student -2016

"Lisa presented the information well and with ease. The students were comfortable asking questions and Lisa was more comfortable answering them." Teacher (Sexual Health Choices and Safety Workshop) -2016

Presenting, "Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships, Starts With You" workshop at local Burnaby school
Body Wellness Workshop: Displaying the
Personal Success Kit

"It was educational and not boring" Grade 10 Student - 2016

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