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Passionate about education, Lisa became a secondary school teacher in 2008. Since then she continually improves and develops her knowledge and skills so she can support, coach and foster others.


Through her early years of teaching, Lisa observed that sexual health content in the classroom varied in delivery and information. She is passionate about providing appropriate positive sexual health information, and she recognized there was a need for experts to discuss and educate on sensitive sexual health topics.


Sexuality and the sensitive topics of sexual health are important discussions which can support and keep young individuals safe during their development and make better sexual choices.


As a certified Options for Health BC (SHEC), Lisa developed the skills and abilities to deliver sensitive topics in a safe, and inclusive way.  This course resulted in a greater awareness of self and sexuality deepening her commitment and devotion to sexual health education.


The positive development of an individual's body, mind and spirit are the foundations to self-awareness, greater communication skills, and confident sexual health decision-making. Lisa will provide healthy positive educational workshops for children, teens, adults and educators.

About Lisa, M.Ed. Certified Sexual Health Educator

Providing age appropriate information and resources about sexual health to help develop self-aware, confident individuals

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