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Sharing information about sexual health, building skills and instilling confidence is a group effort. Workshops provided by Lisa are formulated to provide safe, comfortable and positive environments to discuss and learn about sexual health. All workshops are designed to meet the appropriate educational needs for all individuals. They can participate in interactive activities with the expertise, guidance, and support by Lisa. 

Workshop for Adults

Parents or guardians are the primary sex educators of their children. How can you become the Dependable Adult, in your child's life?


A Dependable parent is one who is comfortable to discuss sexual health topics and who can communicate openly and honestly with their child. They are self-aware and aspire to empower their children with appropriate information rather than a reactive approach to sexual health. This workshop focuses on empowering and coaching parent(s) on topics of sexual health, current trends, and to develop skills through hands on activities. The confidence and communication skills acquired from these workshops will enable the parent to provide their values and positive information, in a more straightforward way, to their children.


Workshops are usually offered in an evening session to allow for parents to attend. Book your workshop today

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Workshop for Educators


Teaching sexual health can be overwhelming and uncomfortable for many teachers. There is such an abundance of information and resources, where does one start?


The Dependable Teacher Workshop is customized to provide educators, youth workers, counsellors or other school staff with knowledge on sensitive topics of sexual health. It is designed to build confidence, learn new strategies, incorporate new curriculum opportunities, and to collect resources. Educators will be provided with a folder of sample lessons and resources.


Book for your next professional development day.

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Workshops for Young Minds


These are the general topics that are customized into workshops to ensure age appropriate information and follow the core competencies set by the BC Ministry of Education for the children.


The Body and health


Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationship


Contraception and Condoms



For further details and inquiries about workshops, please contact Lisa Perizzolo.

It is recommended that parents with young children receive the Workshop For Adults before Lisa provides a classroom workshop.

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We welcome parents and teachers to discuss workshop outlines and goals so that they can be customized to fight the desired outcomes.
If you or your organization has specific needs or topics, then please contact Lisa to arrange a tailor-made workshop.
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